Hey Finsiders! 

This is the start of our brand new Devlog! Here we want to share a glimpse behind the scenes of what is happening with WHALIEN! Let us get right into it and show you what we have been up to:
We have been prototyping two new Levels:“One of a grind” features a thrilling conveyor belt ride ending in a big scary Grinder

In “The pipe is real!” you need to solve a tricky puzzle featuring, you guessed it: PIPES!

Simultaneous our Artists started started to work on Art Assets for a Sewer Level, here is a sneak peak:

Furthermore we implemented a new Quest system.
You can now receive quests from the Springpeople (our NPCs) living in the whale. After doing what the Springpeople ask of you, they reward you with a collectible that is then placed in your Phonebook, also known as the Menu.

“I have a quest for you!”

Speaking of menus, those received some major updates:

  • Collectibles are now stored in the Collectible Submenu and can be viewed on a per-Level basis 
  • We added a Story-Log to reminiscence and re-read previous dialogue that happens over the course of the game
(to avoid spoilers some parts are blacked out)

Other Stuff

  • Doors work 157% better now!
  • More Dialogue!