A third person puzzle adventure set aboard a mechanical whale!
Use magnetic powers to interact with anything you can find!
Solve tricky environment puzzles and save your whale-hearted friend from nasty squiddies!

A wonky physics adventure set aboard a mechanical whale!

You are Ernest, the last Hemingwhale still residing inside of Fin, an enormous mechanical whale built by your ancestors. You are interrupted spending your penny, when Fin desperately calls you for help. Evil Squiddies are tickling his insides!?!
Use your Magnegloves to settle your score with them!
Throw pushy pearls to clear your way or attract attention by levitating objects in mid air. Or get up close to Push and Pull Objects to the hearts content!
A fin-tastic Adventure awaits!
Explore the Whale from the Inside to find out how to help your friend! Use your Environment to reach new places! But don’t get caught up in all this wonky machinery!
Uncover a complicated Past!
Where do these Squiddies come from? Where is your Family? And what is it with all those cans of tuna?