physics based puzzle adventure game

The world of WHALIEN is inspired by the look of plastic toys and colorful candy. We use bold colors and simplified shapes to encourage a sense of “playfulness”. Being a physics based puzzle adventure, it is important that objects are easily readable at a glance.


mixed media short film

METANOIA is an animated mixed media short film (~5min).
Real sets are combined with digital character animation to create an exagerrated but grounded world.

Responsibilities include world design, digital pre-production, look development, analogue set planning and building as well as some post production (digital Backgrounds and vfx)

The Project core Team:
Tristan Neuberger
Melanie Wressnigg
Jakob Steininger
Jakob Vogel

Find out more about the project here: Project Link


Worldbuilding for a series of digital Short Films

Doomsburg is the concept for a series of animated shorts, set in a world where the blood moon shines bright.

By Martin Birner, Jakob Vogel and Johannes Diekmann


Other Work